viernes, 26 de marzo de 2010

El reto de las 12 semanas

El Blog Zero2Illo es un lugar en donde el diseñador gráfico Jonathan comparte su progreso diario en el camino a convertirse en un ilustrador profesional. Tiene unas entrevistas con ilustradores que me gustan bastante.

Hace unos días publicó una entrada proponiendo un reto de 12 semanas para lograr su meta de dedicarse a la ilustración, o tan siquiera dar pasos concretos y positivos en esa dirección. Está invitando a sus lectores a participar con él.

El dará tareas semanales y tratará de supervisar el progreso de todos los participantes. Para participar solo tienen que seguir su blog y subscribirse a su lista de correo.

Les pongo a continuación parte del artículo y espero que si alguien decide entrar que nos comparta su experiencia.

The thing that I’ve been hinting at for a while now is here and this is what it’s all about…

If you read this blog you’ll probably know that I’ve held a long-standing ambition to be a working, professional illustrator. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and talked about for as long as my wife has known me – we’re teenage sweethearts and have been together for 15+ years now, so that’s a pretty long time.

I’ve had a few goes at it, a few false starts, a few attempts to get it going but for various reasons it’s just never happened (could be something to do with “a creative’s lack of self confidence”?!). But now is the time.

Over a nice hot cup of tea a few weeks ago, we decided that this was it. Actually Lea (my wife decided she’d had enough of me going on about it but never making it and I agreed. And so we both agreed that I would spend the next few months really focusing on getting my illustration career going and that this was my final go at it before giving up that ambition forever (although those were her words, not mine).

And then we decided that if I was finally going to go for it, why not share that journey and that challenge with others…and so, the 12 week challenge was born!

What It Is

The 12 Week Challenge is an opportunity to make amazing progress towards your goal of becoming a full time professional illustrator. But this time you won’t be alone.

Here are a few things we hope to achieve with the 12 Week Challenge:

• Life-changing progress for as many participants as possible
• Community spirit and a collaborative effort to get “there”
• A platform and spotlight for those on the journey with me

Who Can Take Part

Anyone! The 12 Week Challenge is being run across all three of our existing communities at Kinetiva. That includes this community for illustrators at zero2illo, Lea’s community for health & wellness professionals at Vibrapreneur and our joint Location Independent community.

So that means if you’re aiming to become a professional illustrator, a successful health & wellness professional or location independent (or a combination of all 3), why not join us as part of the challenge?[Cont.]

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